Formerly KG4TUN,KG4TUX

My website: w4lnx.us

Scottsboro, AL
Jackson County - USA

ARRL VE - 20171209

Incoming Card Sorter for:
K4L, N4L, W4L
K4U, N4U, W4U

I am a member of:

100WAAW ID: 2251
10-10 International: 77583

Always interested in learning
and helping others learn about the
science of radio. Chasing storms and
2m repeaters, not so much.

20181214: Received my new vanity callsign - W4LNX

20171209: Today I became an ARRL VE (Volunteer Examiner)

20171007: Today I upgraded my license to Amateur Extra. I highly recommend the training methods available at:
Ham Test Online

I was originally licensed as a Technician in June 2002 and upgraded to 5WPM General not too long afterwards. My intentions to upgrade to Amateur Extra existed for a very long time and finally came to fruition on October 7th, 2017. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see my original bio if you are interested. Since the passing of my Elmer Dieter KX4Y (SK) in 2009, I had been relatively inactive until the Fall of 2016. My interests in the last several months have shifted from VHF FM and APRS to 6m SSB, HF and antenna theory, design and construction. I maintain an APRS iGate at my QTH and a Tier2 APRS server as well. My next projects include installing a tower at our new QTH and operating semi-portable/mobile when we are at our farm as KG4TUX/4. 73.

Update 20170525: We're still getting settled in at the new QTH but things have been "heating up" as far as my ham activities go. I am now officially on HF and 6 meters - two places I never thought I would end up. I have yet to dive into any digital modes on these bands but have enjoyed making contacts on both 6 and 20 meters. My biggest dilemma currently is not having a good way to put antennas up outside. Right now all of my antennas are in the attic, adjacent to my man cave / shack. I bought a Kenwood TS-480SAT for HF and 6 meters, then realized I would also like to jump in to 2m SSB so I just ordered a Yaesu FT-857D. I have several different antennas including a 20m dipole and a 6m dipole I built using wire and insulators. I have a Par OA-50 Omniangle for 6m SSB arriving tomorrow along with a 6m J-Pole just waiting to find a home atop something outside. If things go as planned, I hope to set up at our farm (approximately 30 miles from the QTH - 1400ft elevation versus just over 600ft at home) in a couple weeks for the ARRL VHF contest. While I don't plan to offically participate in the event, I hope to be on the air - maybe 2 or 3 different bands - available for others to score points off of.

Update 20170311: It's official - we moved!

Update 20170224: I haven't been terribly active lately but am still around. One recent accomplishment is I got a Tier 2 APRS server up and running - T2NALA - which can be seen here: http://nala.aprs2.net:14501/ I also just applied for a vanity callsign - KG4TUX. It seems that when I got my ticket way back when, they mistakenly assigned mine 10 licenses too early. Sticking with my love of all things Linux, -TUX will be most appropriate for me. If all goes as planned, the XYL and I will be moving into a new (to us) home in the next couple of weeks. It goes without saying how excited I am to move in to a new "shack" with more room to get my radios and computers and antennas (and guitars and trombones and TV's and stereos and . . . ) set up. More updates coming soon!

Update 20161026: Over the last several weeks I have gotten back in to APRS pretty heavily along with VHF/UHF antennas and cross-band repeating. My dual-band 2M/70cm antenna is back up in the air and will be joined by another one or two antennas in the near future. I am very interested in fully-functional small (in physical size and current requirements) APRS solutions using inexpensive HT radios and Raspberry Pi computers. I also hope to build and eventually implement an APRStt gateway to be used on our local VHF repeater which will allow hams without APRS rigs to "put themselves on the map" and join in on the fun.

Update 20160930: After a very long (7 years or so) hiatus, I am slowly getting back in to amateur radio. Not much to report at the moment except that I'm back on the map. My original bio is below:

I am Jim, a native and still resident of Scottsboro, Jackson County, Alabama. I graduated from Scottsboro High School in May of 1993 and from Auburn University in June of 1999 with a BSBA in Management Information Systems. I have been employed by the Scottsboro Electric Power Board as Network Administrator since June 1999. My hobbies include anything to do with automobiles, computers and of course amateur radio. I am also an amateur musician. I was granted my Technicians License in June of 2002 and recently upgraded to General earlier this year. I am currently preparing for my Amateur Extra license. My main amateur radio interests are IRLP, EchoLink and VHF. I am node owner for IRLP Node #4957 and EchoLink KG4TUN-R #49570 which are connected to the N4SCO repeater in Jackson County, AL. I am Treasurer of our local club in Jackson County, AL and was recently appointed Public Information Officer representing Jackson County, AL for the ARRL. Amateur Radio has given me the opportunity to go on a few trips in the last couple years including the Dayton Hamvention (before I took my Technician exam!) in 2002, the AMSAT-NA Symposiums in Fort Worth, TX in 2002 and Toronto, Canada in 2003, and the IRLP Node Owner's conference in Las Vegas, NV in 2003. I owe all my gratitude to my elmer Dieter KX4Y and good friend Ben K4QF for leading me in the right direction to get my ticket and introduce me to all the technologies involved in Amateur Radio. I hope one day to be able to be such an elmer & friend myself to others who become interested in the hobby.

73 de Jim KG4TUN